First Charge Bridging Loans

Bridge your financial gap with a first charge bridging loan from Charterbank Capital.

Get quick access to funds via our streamlined first charge bridging loan application process. Completely flexible to borrowers, we offer fast, non-status loans for a variety of borrowers across diverse projects.

Immediate decisions • Funds in as little as 7 days • No monthly interest payments • No upfront fees • Zero exit fees

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What is a first charge bridging loan?

A first charge bridging loan is a short-term financing option that is secured by a first charge on a property. It is typically used to bridge the gap between the purchase of a new property and the sale of an existing property.

Let’s say you are in the process of selling a property that you have recently refurbished or developed, and you have found a new property you want to buy develop or let. However, the sale of your current property/development hasn’t completed yet or isn’t due to complete quickly enough, and you need funds to proceed with the purchase of the new property independently. In such a situation, a first charge bridging loan can be used to provide the necessary funds.

The term “first charge” refers to the priority position of the loan in relation to other loans or charges against the property. In the context of a bridging loan, it means that the loan provider has the first claim on the property’s value in the event of default or non-payment. This provides the lender with a higher level of security compared to subsequent charges or loans.

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How can first charge bridging loans be used?

First charge bridging loans can be used in a variety of situations where immediate funds are needed to facilitate a property purchase or transaction. Some common uses of first charge bridging loans secured through Charterbank Capital include:

  • Property purchases
  • Auction purchases
  • Property renovations
  • Buy-to-let investments
  • Chain breaks (investment property only)

Is a first charge bridging loan for you?

Unlike other lenders, we don’t take your credit score into consideration. Our asset-based, non-status approach means we can offer first charge bridging loans to those with imperfect credit scores or have faced bankruptcy. If you apply for a first charging bridging loan with us we will only take into consideration your current financial circumstances and the property you’re buying or using as security. You can secure the capital you need in as little as 7 days.


You can contact us for an information discussion about your first charge bridging loan requirements or apply online.

First charge bridging loan FAQs

What’s the difference between first and second charge bridging loans?

A first charge bridging loan is secured by a first charge on a property. A second charge bridging loan is secured on a property that already has an existing first charge loan or mortgage on it.

Are first charge bridging loans short or long term?

Like all of Charterbank Capital’s bridging loans, first charge loans are short term. A first charge bridging loan is typically paid back in 3-12 months.

Can I get a first charge bridging loan with bad credit?

While having good credit can improve your chances of obtaining a first charge bridging loan, Charterbank Capital are experts in helping borrowers with less-than-perfect credit. Whether you have adverse credit or have a CCJ, we only take your current financial situation into account.

How long does it take to receive funds from a first charge bridging loan?

We are completely flexible to our borrower’s requirements. However, we understand that many of our clients need access to funds quickly, which is why we can offer capital in as little as 7 days.