• Classic home Bridge
    • Multi-property loans
    • Building plot purchase
    • Planning gain/trading opportunity
    • Buy to let investment

    Loan Scenarios

    We will consider any loan scenario to meet your needs. Our prime requirement is a property asset as security and a sensible business plan/exit strategy to show how the loan will be repaid. The exit plan can be as simple as a proposed sale of a property or re-finance to another lender. However, we do not lend to owner occupiers on their dwellings.

    Typical loan scenarios include:

    Loan Scenarios: Refurbishment


    We will lend on virtually any property type in any condition. Providing finance to develop non mortgagable and unmodernised properties is our speciality. We can provide fast short term development and refurbishment finance to complete works for sale or re-finance.

    Loan Scenarios: Auction Finance

    Auction Finance

    We can provide you with the peace of mind of a decision in principle before the auction, something our regular clients call pre-auction comfort.
    Alternatively, we can provide a formal facility letter/mortgage offer that is a binding commitment (fees apply).

    Loan Scenarios: Multi-property loans

    Multi-property loans

    We can provide a loan secured against more than one property at the same time, providing you with the funds to purchase a new property. We bespoke our loans to fit with your requirements. We may be able to lend you sufficient capital over your existing investments to cover 100% of the purchase price of a new project with no additional cash input.

    Loan Scenarios: Classic home Bridge

    Classic Bridge

    If you are buying a new buy-to-let property or refurbishment opportunity and need funding – fast, we can provide a quick non status bridging loan for 1 – 12 months with no monthly interest payments and no up front fees.

    Recent Applications

    Loan Scenarios: Building plot purchase

    Building plot purchase

    A small developer had completed the build of a new house in Cornwall and was seeking development finance to buy another plot to move his workforce onto before selling. We offered a 12 month development loan to enable him to do this. We also offered a further advance on completion of the works to help cover his costs during the sales period.

    Loan Scenarios: Planning gain/trading opportunity

    Planning gain/trading opportunity

    A Birmingham based developer had agreed to purchase a closed down pub. They planned to obtain consent to convert into six flats and then sell on with the benefit of the planning. We provided a fast non-status secured loan to the company based on the existing value of the pub enabling them to execute their plan and realise a profit.

    Loan Scenarios: Buy to let investment

    Buy to let investment

    A client wished to purchase a house in London at auction which was arranged as four flats for long term investment. Two of the flats were let and the other two needed refurbishment. We offered a loan to fund the purchase and allow her to refurbish the property. She could then refinance onto a long-term product with a traditional buy-to-let lender.

    Loan Scenarios: Land purchase

    Land re-finance

    A developer was seeking to raise finance to complete a flat conversion project in Somerset. There was an existing development finance facility secured against the project which had stalled as the lender wouldn’t advance any more funds. We provided a loan secured against a parcel of agricultural land in Devon owned by the developer to enable completion of the project.

    If you are looking to apply for development funding, auction finance a bridging loan or business finance, feel free to contact us for an informal discussion about your loan requirements.

    Your service to the client and progress updates were excellent, thanks very much."