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Short-term loans available in Devon

With over 40 years combined experience in the professional property, lending and commercial finance sectors, Charterbank Capital have a wealth of knowledge in all areas of short-term property finance. Utilising in-house underwriters who are highly experienced in all types of cases together with their knowledge of the local area and local property market, Charterbank are able to offer borrowers a flexible loan facility to suit their needs.

Are you looking for a short-term loan or property finance in Devon for one of the following?

Short-term loan for auction finance
Short-term loan for development funding
Short-term loan for farm and land finance
Short-term loan for bridging loans
Short term loan for commercial mortgages
Short-term loan for refurbishment finance

Quick Funding Decision

Charterbank Capital is dedicated to providing an exceptionally high level of customer service and is renowned for its speed, integrity and reliability in the short-term property finance industry. Introducers, brokers and applicants can apply for a loan with confidence knowing that the application will be dealt with expediently and with a high degree of care and sensitivity. We aim to respond to all new enquiries within 12-24 working hours, and produce in-principle lending terms immediately wherever possible.

Charterbank Capital realise that it is essential to process individual cases quickly and efficiently. Borrowers often require funds within a very short period from the date of their application, therefore our procedure can be tailored to suit the shortest of timescales while giving decisions that you can rely on. Direct access to an underwriter and decision maker is guaranteed.

Why choose Charterbank Capital?

We specialise in loan products from £26,000 – £300,000
Terms from 1 – 12 months
Rolled up interest option
Up to 65% LTV
Fast and flexible “in house” Valuations
Fees added to the loan
Rates from 1.39% per month
Loans to Ltd companies
True self cert non-status loans
Immediate decision in principle

Charterbank Capital is a South West based principal lender (not a broker) providing fast non-status finance for development, refurbishment, auction, bridging and commercial property transactions throughout Devon and beyond. The company has a particular appetite for funding small scale developments in Devon ranging from single plots & small multi-unit developments to barn conversions, refurbishments and auction purchases together with loans secured against agricultural/farmland, commercial and mixed use property.

Charterbank Capital is not dependent on external sources of finance or 3rd party decision makers, enabling us to tailor the terms of our loans to suit the requirements of our customers here in Devon.

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Your service to the client and progress updates were excellent, thanks very much."