Business Finance

Short term secured business finance from Charterbank is available to aid cash flow or to help your business expand.

This type of finance works by allowing a company to obtain a loan secured against a property owned by the business, the company directors or an agreed 3rd party.

The loan facility can be provided quickly and without the need for company accounts since the loan is secured against a property rather than subject to the status of the company or borrower. Business finance from Charterbank is therefore available in situations where the directors have adverse credit or there is a poor or low credit score. Our business loans are usually provided without the need for personal guarantees.

• Products from 3 – 12 months • Immediate decisions • Up to 65% (net) LTV • LLP, LTD & Sole Traders accepted • True self cert non status loans • No monthly interest payments • No up-front fees • No exit fees • No penalties • No red tape

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    Transforming businesses

    Funding growth through changing times

    Common business loan scenarios

    Loans are available for any business purpose provided that you have a credible plan to repay the loan. Common scenarios can vary enormously but include situations such as loans for business cash flow purposes, finance for business expansion or to repay an existing loan, investor or overdraft.

    You may also be looking to find funding for a new build or heavy refurbishment project, to raise funds against an existing property or portfolio, for a cash buy in a fast timescale, or to obtain a loan to purchase property not suitable for a mortgage.

    How can business finance be used?

    Secured business finance (sometimes known as commercial property lending) can be used to acquire new premises, assist tenants to purchase the property they currently occupy or to consolidate smaller loans, facilities or overdrafts into one amount.

    Charterbank’s rolled-up business loans allow you to add the monthly interest payments to the loan each month for up to one year, which can aid cash flow and allow time for credit repairing.

    Is a business finance arrangement for you?

    Our secured business finance products are offered on a non-status basis. This means that funds are available with no credit scoring and without the need for copies of your accounts or asset & liability statements. With no personal guarantees or debentures over the company, our finance facilities are truly non-status.

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