Loan Procedure

Applying for bridging loan, development, auction or farm and land finance with Charterbank Capital is easy with our “no red tape” philosophy.
Our non status property backed loans can be secured against almost any type of land, residential, commercial or mixed use property.

We will provide an immediate decision in principle and only one simple application form is required to apply.

  • Contact us and chat through your requirements
  • We issue a decision in principle, the same day
  • Complete and return the application form along with the valuation fee
  • Valuation conducted and Facility Letter (mortgage offer) issued
  • Respective solicitors instructed
  • Certificate of title produced and legal charge documentation issued
  • Completion of the loan

* A deposit to cover legal fees is required and held on account. On completion the actual legal bill is added to the loan and the deposit reimbursed.

NB: If you are looking to borrow against a property where you or your family will live or intend to live (in at least 40% if it is mixed use) as a dwelling then we cannot provide a loan.

Charterbank Capital Limited is not a bank, and is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority. Loans are not governed by the Consumer Credit Act.