Property Development & Refurbishment Finance

Charterbank provides fast property finance for small developments, refurbishments and conversion projects across England and South Wales.

As a non-status lender of property development and refurbishment finance, Charterbank loan facilities are available to sole traders and limited companies, with no personal guarantees (PGs) required.

Charterbank is dedicated to providing an exceptionally high level of service and is renowned for its speed, integrity and reliability amongst customers and introducers alike. The management team enjoy a wealth property, development and commercial finance experience. We have a particular appetite for funding small scale developments and providing finance for single plots, light and heavy refurbishments and auction finance together with loans secured against all types of land and commercial property with or without planning permission.

• Products from 3-12 months • Immediate decisions • Up to 65% (net) LTV • Ltd Companies accepted • Self cert non status loans • No monthly interest payments • No upfront fees • No exit fees • No penalties • No red tape

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How do property development loans work?

These kinds of loans work by securing a short-term commercial loan against a property (building/s or land). Usually the property that is used as security is the building or land that is being developed. However, alternative property can be used as security.

You can finance a property development by applying in your personal name or a company (which can be a new or existing company). 50–60% (net) of the site/property value can be advanced at the start of the loan with additional stage payments available throughout the build.

Products are available to fund up to 100% of the development costs in addition to funding towards the purchase. Stage payments are pre-determined at offer stage for ease of budgeting. However, these can be varied if the build programme alters.

Payments are typically made within 1 working day of the in-house site inspection having been carried out. Stage payments are made without the need for a quantity surveyor. No specific structural warranty provider or supervising architect is imposed, leaving the developer free to choose the provider that best suits their needs.

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Facilities from £30k, with no prior experience necessary

Common development and refurbishment scenarios

Finance can be used to fund the purchase of land or property to be developed or to purchase land or property with planning or potential. Development finance is commonly used to fund the cost of building works at a property or site that is already owned.

Some of the most common development finance scenarios that we cater for are: finance for a single plot/single house build, finance for small residential developments, heavy and light refurbishment loans, finance for barn conversions, auction property finance, commercial property lending (for example office to residential conversions or pub conversions), land loans for property development, finance for stalled and unfinished projects.

How can development or refurbishment finance be used?

Charterbank’s tailored property development finance products are available for small new build sites, property conversions (including barn conversions) and extensive refurbishment projects.

Our loan facilities are fast, dependable and bespoke to suit the needs of you or your client. Flexible loan terms from 3–12 months are available and come complete with rolled up interest, no up-front fees, no exit fees or early repayment penalties.

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Is property development finance for you?

Applications are welcomed from builders, developers and private individuals of all levels of experience. First time developers are accepted provided a suitable professional team has been appointed. Please note: Charterbank only provide loan facilities for business purposes (such as build to sell or build to let) and cannot lend where the purpose is to occupy the property once finished.

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Property Development Finance FAQs

Can I arrange a loan or finance for a stalled or part-built new build development?

Short-term property finance, also known as bridging finance or development finance is available for all types of property development at any stage of construction including where a scheme has been part built or where construction work has stopped or stalled mid-process and where a 1st or sometimes 2nd legal charge can be granted.

Can I arrange a loan or finance for a stalled or unfished refurbishment project?

Short-term property finance (also known as bridging/development finance) is available for all types of property refurbishment including where the property is part finished or where refurbishment work has stopped or stalled mid-process and where a 1st or sometimes 2nd legal charge can be granted.

What happens if my development finance loan runs over time?

If you are not ready to repay the loan at the end of the term your lender may consider extending the term of the loan. Alternatively, you may need to approach another lender in order to refinance the loan. Development and refurbishment finance facilities from Charterbank are available for the purposes of re-financing existing development finance and come with options to extend the term of the loan if the project runs over the expected timescale.

Can I raise additional finance if my development project goes over budget?

It is usually possible to arrange additional finance (a further advance) if you encounter unexpected costs or a cost over run. If you have existing development finance or a development loan, an approach could be made to your existing lender for additional funds. If your existing lender cannot provide additional funds, it may be possible to raise a 2nd charge facility with a new lender or arrange a new facility to repay the existing loan facility and provide the additional funds required to complete the project or building works.

Can I arrange property development or refurbishment finance for a part-built project?

Short-term property finance is available for all types of property development and refurbishment including where the property is part finished or where refurbishment work has stopped or stalled mid-process and where a 1st or sometimes 2nd legal charge can be granted. Charterbank specialises in finance for part-built, unfinished, and stalled projects and developments. We will even consider lending for part-built projects with missing or uncertified building works with lending decisions made on a case-by-case basis.

What is the typical loan size that Charterbank offers for property development refurbishment projects?

Charterbank’s development finance and refurbishment loans range from £30,000 – £500,000 with larger requirements considered on a case-by-case basis.

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