Frequently Asked Questions

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Who owns Charterbank Capital?

Charterbank is privately owned and run by the directors of the company. The company,  a specialist lender of fast short term bridging loans and development finance, is utterly un-reliant on external credit lines and influences and is, therefore, able to make lending decisions quickly and reliably.

When was Charterbank founded?

Charterbank Capital was founded in 2011. Over the years the company has grown through repeat business, via its network of regular introducers and referrals from previous customers.

Where in the UK does Charterbank lend?

Charterbank lends and operates throughout England and Wales providing fast bridging loans and development finance for all types of property funding.

Are Charterbank regulated by the FCA?

Charterbank Capital does not offer regulated loans and is therefore not regulated by the FCA.

How quickly can Charterbank complete a bridging loan?

A bridging loan from Charterbank can be completed in as little as 7 days from receipt of a signed Application Form.

How quickly can Charterbank provide development finance?

Re-financing or funding a property development via a bridging loan can be completed in as little as 7 days from receipt of a signed Application Form.

How do I submit a potential case to Charterbank?

Cases and enquiries can be emailed to or visit our contact us page.

Privately owned and run

Charterbank is is the most progressive and proactive lenders of fast short-term property finance. We provide facilities for all scenarios including: development and refurbishment, auction, bridging, and farms & land.

England & South Wales

We operate nationwide in England and further afield in South Wales providing non-status bridging loans, refurbishment and development finance for residential, commercial, & mixed use property, farms & land.

The Management Team

Have over 50 years of combined property, development and commercial financial experience. We are property people foremost and we use this knowledge to provide flexible loans to meet our customer’s needs.

Decades of Experience

A Proven Track Record