SPV Finance

Secure non-status SPV finance fast from Charterbank for business purposes without the need for a Personal Guarantee.

Charterbank provides SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) companies with fast bridging finance for business purposes without the need for a Personal Guarantee. SPV finance facilities are available to purchase property; refinance an existing loan facility or capital raise for any business purpose; without the need for company accounts. Loans are secured against property located in England and Wales.

• Fast bridging finance • Immediate decisions • No monthly interest payments • No Personal Guarantee required • No upfront fees • Zero exit fees •

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How can SPV finance be used?

SPV bridging loans and finance can be used for any business purpose, however they are typically utilised for single property transactions where a property is bought and sold within a short timeframe. A breakdown of other common uses can be seen below:

Project finance

SPVs can be used to finance varying types of projects, where the risks and cash flows associated with the project are separated from the parent company or investors.


SPVs can be used to finance property investments, such as property developments or acquisitions where the SPV owns the property and issues securities backed by the rental income or sale proceeds.


SPV finance can also be used to fund acquisitions, where the SPV is created to acquire a specific company or asset, and the financing is secured by the cash flows or collateral of the acquired company or asset.

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Is SPV finance for you?

Overall, SPV finance provides a flexible financing structure that can be customised to meet the specific needs of the transaction, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective financing solutions. You can contact us for an information discussion about your SPV finance requirements or apply online.

SPV Finance FAQs

Can I get a bridging loan through a new SPV or does the company need to have ‘some’ trading history?

Bridging facilities are available to all types of companies, including newly incorporated, trading and subsidiaries.

Do I need to provide a Personal Guarantee/PG for SPV finance?

No. SPV bridging loans and finance are available without the need for Personal Guarantees of the directors. In some circumstances, a PG may be required in order to enable a case to meet requirements or wider criteria. However, guarantees are not automatically required.

Is SPV bridging finance fast?

Bridging loans and finance through SPVs can be finalised within just 7 days, provided that high-quality legal representation is engaged to expedite the process. It is crucial to disclose all relevant information related to the bridging loan at the outset to ensure a smooth and speedy completion. While the process for obtaining SPV bridging finance is similar to that of a mortgage, it typically takes less time due to the efficiency of bridging lenders.